Video Production

Our Profession ∙ Our Promise

↑ Hong Kong Government One Belt One Road Promotional Video

Promotion Video

  • Video is effective in enhancing your brand image and performance
  • Corporate image video polishes company’s image and win over client’s confidence
  • Promotional video makes your products  and services go viral in just one snap

↑ Animation of RMU — EMSD


  • Lively animation attracts and sustains audience’s interest
  • Animation presents abstract ideas in clear and comprehensible manner
  • Professional illustrators and animators level up the production

↑ Construction Video for Kai Tak Development

Construction Video

  • Construction video requires high accuracy in information presentation
  • We have over 15 years of construction video filming
  • We are approved by the Hong Kong government and are on its list of approved contractors

↑ Training Video for Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Ltd

Training Video

  • Many companies have started training front line staff by using video
  • Training video is effective in standardizing training content
  • Cost-effective, efficient, flexible, interesting and accurate

↑ Video Live on Facebook Fanpage — Sulwhasoo

Online Video Streaming

  • Audience looks for real-time information in the ever-changing world
  • Internet connects the world and people
  • Online streaming your products and service online seizes all business opportunities

↑ Customer Service Excellence Programme Award Presentation — HK Airport

Event & Ceremony Filming

  • Important moments such as result conference, opening ceremony, new product launch
  • Excellent shots, professional angles and detailed presentation
  • Edited by experienced video editor

↑ Interview Video of The Principal — The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Interview Video

  • Unique perspective and opinion in multi-angle build up audience’s confidence
  • Providing useful and relevant information is the basis for choosing the right product and service
  • Bring forwards all essential information through the lenses