↑ Hong Kong Government One Belt One Road Promotional Video

Promotion Video

All types of businesses require effective publicity and promotion. It is prevalent to promote businesses with videos. A vivid, attractive and effective video is certainly the best option for business promotion and development. 

We have the most professional production team to create the most effective promotional videos for you.

Types of Promotion Video

In an attempt to maximize the effectiveness of the budget of a promotional campaign, the first step is to select the most appropriate type of promotional videos. In accordance with the purposes and target audience of the marketing campaigns, promotional videos are typically categorized into the following types:


Corporate Video

↑ Corporate Video of Prudential Hong Kong Limited

Every company should have a video, showcasing the best side of its company’s image, which can further improve its reputation. The ultimate goal of having such a video is to promote the positive image and unique culture of the company. It does not only require exquisite visual elements and lively content, but also needs a unified image about the company and its products across all social media platforms. This type of promotion videos is characterized by a low investment, a focused group of audience and flexible locations for playing the video.


Product/Service Promo

↑ Product promo for DPM mattresses

Having an effective promotion video for the best-quality products or services is like the icing on the cake. These are the guaranteed steps to success. With a careful selection of channels, different groups of target audience can be reached. They can better understand the features of the products and services, and then have stronger desires to purchase them, resulting in an increase in sales volume. In this way, having a video for product or service promotion is a low-cost strategy, yet it can generate the most effective and influencing marketing effects.


IPO Video for Financial Roadshows

↑ IPO video of AP Rentals (1496.HK) for the financial roadshow 

As a company expands and is about to go public, it represents a key milestone. Prior to being listed, it is essential for investors to gain knowledge about the company’s background, business natures, capabilities, developmental goals, market prospects, etc, before they invest money in the company’s shares. During a financial roadshow or IPO conference, an excellent publicity video can draw investors’ attention and gain their confidence. IPO videos resemble promotion videos, in a way that they both enhance the company’s image, but the major difference is that publicity videos place greater emphasis on citing figures and data. Therefore, in the course of the production of a publicity video, the production house is required to work closely with the financial public relations companies, in order to ensure all data and figures are accurate and precise.



↑ Microfilm about the pre-operation rehabilitation services for cancer patients in Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Distinctive characters and touching storylines can often captivate the audience. Therefore, microfilms often give surprising marketing effects. To shoot a microfilm, more actors and venues are involved; hence, the production time tends to be longer. Yet, microfilms usually have a more complete storyline and enjoyability, and can be broadcasted through various platforms. The internet is the most typical platform for playing a microfilm. Humours, fashion trends, charity and education, business and commerce can be some of the possible themes of the microfilms. Storylines of the microfilms can be written independently or in series.


Event Opening Video

↑ Event opening video for the “Industry 4.0” campaign of HKPC

During the grand-opening of large-scale events, there is always a wonderful opening video to showcase the theme and content of the event to the guests and visitors. Event opening videos must be produced before the commencement of the events. Innovative techniques should be adopted to capture the audience’s attention and the whole message should be conveyed within one or two minutes. A high-quality event opening video can definitely make a good event even better.


Testimonial Video

↑ Testimonial video for a skincare treatment

This type of videos is often chosen for online promotion since the production process is relatively simple and promising. The main focus is on the users’ first-hand experience about certain product or service, and they share their feelings in the video. Since the video content is about personal experience, there are not many post-production modifications needed. This type of videos can generate promising marketing effects.


Street Interview Video

↑ Street interview video for Wasser Beauty FB

Street interview videos involve “person-on-the-street interviews”. Preliminary investigation must be conducted, such as setting the interview targets and preparing a handful of questions. The shooting is relatively simple, with an emphasize of realism. Post-production is also relatively uncomplicated and straightforward, which can keep the costs down since salaries for hiring actors and rental fees for venues are not required. As long as the interview questions are well-designed and there are adequate interviewees, it is not difficult to obtain a wonderful shot to impress the audience with surprises. “Street interviews” can bring out ordinary people’s queries and doubts. Then, solutions to these questions are provided at the end of the video, which are the products or the services of the clients.


KOL Product Testing Video

↑ Product testing video by a beauty influencer

Before people decide to purchase a product, many of them will search for videos which show users’ feedback and advices. If the product itself is desirable and there is a positive product testing video, this can boost the customers’ confidence, resulting in an increase in sales volume.

Production Flow of Promotion Video

Every type of promotional videos is characterized by a unique style and sense; yet, the production flow is similar. It is notable that the video qualities produced by different production houses can vary significantly. An outstanding production house is able to produce videos in accordance with the pre-agreed production flow, guaranteeing that the videos can be produced punctually, meeting the expected quality, quantity and budget requirement. A capable production house should also be able to have high working efficiency in producing the best-quality videos. We will now explain the production flow in detail.

Pre-production Phrase

The pre-production phrase is a crucial part as it determines the style, content, filming techniques and quality of the final product, which is the video. Without adequate preparation, it is impossible to shoot a high-quality video. In some less reputable production houses, the worst-case scenario is that the videos can be unfinished or go over budget, which adversely affect the clients’ entire marketing campaigns.

Our pre-production phrase includes:

  • Having meetings between the production team and the client
  • Developing a work schedule
  • Writing the outline for the video
  • Writing the script for the video
  • Making the storyboard / visual board
  • Hiring actors and renting venues
  • Developing a shooting schedule

Video Filming Phrase

Video filming is the process of actualizing the storyline into video content. A professional production team should include the director, videographer, lighting technician, boom operator and production assistant. Larger teams may also include the art director, makeup artist, and hair and wardrobe stylist.

Our video filming phrase includes:

  • The director organizing shooting and designing camera work
  • The director explaining the key points to actors or street interviews
  • The assistant director managing the environment and clearing the locations for filming
  • The videographer setting up the camera and shooting in accordance with the storyboard
  • The boom operator setting up the recording equipment for the actors or street interviewees
  • The lighting technician interpreting lighting plots and schematics, and setting up the lighting systems

Post-production Phrase

At the editing and post-production phrase, professional video editors play an important role. They are responsible to use the storyboard as a foundation and make selections of the raw video footage to produce the “first cut”, which will then be confirmed by the client. In the meantime, specialists in the post-production department start fine-tuning colours to improve the video content, adding special effects, producing 2D or 3D animations, dubbing, assembling background music, subtitling, etc. Typically, clients are welcome to give comments during the editing and post-production phrase, in order to finalize and perfect the whole production project.

Our editing and post-production phrase includes:

  • Editing video
  • Fine-tuning colours to improve the video content
  • Adding special effects
  • Producing 2D and/or 3D animations
  • Assembling background music and sound effects
  • Dubbing and lip-syncing
  • Subtitling
  • Outputting the video in compliance with the client’s designated formats