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Training Video

Many companies have started to use video training for frontline staff. Training videos can standardize training content, low cost, efficient, flexible, fun, accurate.

We have the most professional production team to create the most effective teaching and training videos for you.

About Training Video

Global companies spend tens of millions of dollars on employee training every year, because employees are an important asset to every company. Besides good employees can provide the highest return to the company. The better the employees are equal to good companies. So employee training has always been an important part of business operations.

In the past, enterprises would set up staff training departments to recruit full-time trainers or existing senior staff to conduct on-the-job training for new recruits. But in recent years, enterprises have started to use staff training videos to assist in training. They have become one of the mainstream training tools.

↑ Staff Training Video of Parknshop Supermarket

Benefits Of Using Videos For Training

With the rapid development of the Internet and company intranet, the training videos can be made via computer network. Regardless of time, geographical environment, language restrictions, every trained staff will see the same series of videos. The training content is standardized. The videos can be accompanied by the language or subtitles of different countries, so that different nationalities of staff can easily learn.

The training videos are a one-time investment. The copyright belongs to the company which can be used indefinitely. Greatly reducing the cost of hiring training instructors.

↑ Training Video of City University of Hong Kong