20+ video Professionals achieve the only ISO9001 certified video production company in Hong Kong

Our Story

Our Team
1 Creative Director + 3 Producers + 1 Copywriters + 3 Video Editors + 2 Animators + 3 Graphic Designers + 3 Cinematographers + 4 Customer Services + 1 Marketing Officer

In 2000, when people were still watching VHS videos, Visual Media has been providing professional video production services… 20 years on, HD and 4K have become mainstream and we have grown into a team of over 20 production professionals in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Over the years, we have produced more than 3,500 promotional videos for the Hong Kong Government, commercial organizations, the manufacturing industry and the academic sector, providing video production, animation production, video promotion and live broadcast services to create high-quality video services that best meet the needs of our clients.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Do it right the first time

As the only ISO9001 certified video production company in Hong Kong, we believe that video quality and service standards are the cornerstone of success.

Visual Media’s aim is to pursue the highest quality standards in the industry, we introduced the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Visual Media is a certified video production company, which shows that Visual Media meets today’s international quality requirements and standards in terms of video quality, production process and management, design and development, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Therefore, every customer can rest assured that they can entrust their important video production and promotion projects to us —- the most professional and reliable production team!

What We Do

Every day, we focus on providing our clients with the highest level of video and animation production services in the industry, and then using the web or other most effective platforms to reach a large number of target customers and audiences

Video Production

  • Corporate Video
  • Promotion Video
  • TV Commercial
  • Online Video
  • Training Video
  • Micro-Film
  • Government API

Animation Production

  • 2D /3D Animation
  • Motion Graphic
  • Infographic
  • Hand-Drawn Animation

Video Marketing

  • YouTube Ad
  • Facebook Ad
  • Instagram Ad
  • Media Channel Collaboration
  • KOL Collaboration
  • Live Streaming Production

Our Workspace

The 3400 ft² space is the creative base for our professional production team, with enough space to exchange discussions and inspire creativity!

Our Clients

Over the past 20 years, we have produced over 3,500 high quality films for over 450 companies, creating value for their brands, services and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Summarize and answer the most common questions our clients have had about video and animation production over the years, so that you can feel more confident in our production process before you start!

We have over 20 full-time staff including creative directors, producers, writers, art directors, post-production directors, special effects editors, animators, cameramen, lighting gaffer, boom operators and customer service managers.

Yes. Feel free to contact our Customer Service Manager and we will explain the video production process, notes and work with you to conceptualize the content and positioning of your video. In addition, we also suggest you to refer to the “Work” on our website for a preliminary selection of your own company’s video style.

With years of experience in video production, we are familiar with all walks of life. In the early stages of video production, we are good at data collection, understanding the client’s corporate profile, characteristics and market situation, and through communication with the client’s representatives, we can deepen the client’s real needs, and show the client’s advantages, product characteristics, market positioning, etc.

In the case of a client’s limited budget, it is suggested that the client can streamline the video content (not reduce the quality of the video), because in the case of streamlining the content, it will reduce our production time and days of shooting, production costs go down, and there is room for disagreement in terms of fees.

We have a permanent mastering system in place to facilitate modifications by existing clients. If the revision part does not involve filming, animation production and dubbing, the revision is free of charge; otherwise, we will provide a new quote for old clients at a fee based on the revision request.

The information we expect from our clients includes: brief description of the content, scenes and people (if any) that must be filmed, purpose of the video, number of videos, length of the video, reference videos, etc. Textual or oral descriptions of the above related content are welcome.

In general, our pricing considerations do not include the duration of the video, media and geography. However, when film production involves actors and voice actors, their rates will be adjusted according to airtime, media and location, however, this part of the adjustment will also be reflected in the quotation.

The production time is related to the content and complexity of the film. For example, corporate image films, employee training videos and microfilms, from the time the customer orders to the completion of the film production, generally takes about 45 working days; promotional videos, about 30 days; short videos for the Internet, about 2 weeks. However, if your situation is urgent, you are also welcome to call and discuss with our Customer Service Manager.