About these 20+ video professionals’ story

Our Story

While many were still relying on videotapes back in 2000, Visual Media, with its acute and foresight vision, is already providing professional video production and delivery services to many leading brands. 20 years since then, HD and 4K are becoming the mainstream for today’s video production market, and Visual Media, ever-improving, has become an outstanding video production team with over 20 elites from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Throughout the years, Visual Media has produced and delivered over 3,500 TVCs, branding videos, corporate videos, animation productions and live streamings for many leading brands and fields. Our clients include the Hong Kong Government, business enterprises, manufacturing industry and academic sphere. We structure the best scripts and create the best videos for our customers that hit the nail to its head.

What We Do

Creative, resourceful and versatile, we ensure qualified videos and animations that connect your brand and your audience. Parallel with critical analysis of your business form, we guarantee maximization of share and reach on various effective platforms, opening up the best marketing opportunity for our clients’ brand.

Video Production

  • Corporate Video
  • Promotion Video
  • TV Commercial
  • Online Video
  • Training Video
  • Micro-Film
  • Government API

Animation Production

  • 2D /3D Animation
  • Motion Graphic
  • Infographic
  • Hand-Drawn Animation

Video Marketing

  • YouTube Ad
  • Facebook Ad
  • Instagram Ad
  • Media Channel Collaboration
  • KOL Collaboration
  • Live Streaming Production

Our Workspace

A 3,400 ft² space gathering all expertise and creativity with unlimited possibilities in different aspects

Our Clients

In 20 years, we provided services for more than 450 companies, with over 3,500 high-quality productions. We guarantee unlimited expertise and creativity, and prepare our clients for the viral videos that create unlimited value for their brand, services and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

We gather frequently asked questions regarding video and animation production from clients and give answers in details and professional manner to ensure that you have full confidence on us before we start off our production.

We value talents. Currently we have more than 20 full time production elites, including creative director, directors, screenwriters, production designers, post directors, special effect editors, animators, photographers, lighting and audio panel, and customer service manager to ensure qualified service for our clients.

Clients are welcome to contact our customer service manager. We will explain to you in details the video production process and any precautionary items, we will also communicate closely with our client to brainstorm the most suitable content and positioning. You can also browse the “Latest Work” to have a glance of our work.

Years of production earned us experience to work with different industries. At pre-production stage, we perform data collection to get a full picture of the corporate profile, characteristic and market condition. We also communicate closely with our client to ensure thorough understanding of their needs and requirements, and always strive to display our client’s strength, the product features and market positioning to the fullest.

Our team suggests a streamline of the production without compromising any of the requirements. By streamlining the video, we can shorten the production time and shooting days, offering a bigger room for negotiation.

We have a permanent and systematic storage of all of our productions. Any updates that do not involve shootings, animation production and dubbing are free of charge. Otherwise, we provide a new quotation for our client and the charges depend on the clients’ requirement.

Yes, we provide on-site video and photo shooting services for various large and small events and exhibitions. We also clip the shooting content into highlights according to our clients’ needs. The fee depends on the number of photographers, equipment and editing requirements.

We expect information like desired content, scenes and characters (if any) that must be shot, video usage, number of videos, video length, reference video, etc. We welcome you to provide any related content in words or verbally.

In general, our quotation considers not the time limit of the movie, the media platform or the region. However, when the video production involves talents and dubbing, their fees can be verified according to the time limit, media platform and region, but all variation and adjustment of charges will be stated clearly in the quotation.

The production time depends on the content and complexity of the video. For example, corporate image videos, staff-training videos and micro-movies generally take around 45 workings days; promotion video takes around 30 working days; short clips for online platform usage takes approximately two weeks. You are welcome to discuss with our customer service manager in case of urgent need.