Fintech Talent Development Scheme Promotion Video 2017-11-07T13:03:27+08:00

Project Description

Fintech Talent Development Scheme Promotion Video


The concept of Fintech – the integration of finance and technology in modern-day style – has evolved to become a vibrant industry. While Fintech may carry different meanings, it is now commonly considered to cover areas such as payments, big data analytics, applications, platforms and cybersecurity.

Revolutionised by disruptive technologies like blockchain, the use of smartphones and the internet, traditional financial marketplaces have undergone dramatic changes like never before. While fintech poses great challenges to financial institutions and intermediaries, at the same time, it also offers great opportunities to those who manage to adopt and transform.

Fintech Career Accelerator Scheme (“FCAS”) is a talent development scheme initiated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) to nurture talents to meet the growing needs of Fintech in Hong Kong. Students from participating universities are invited to join this scheme via a full-time, semester-based internship which interns will be co-supervised by the banks, the HKMA and ASTRI on Fintech projects.



Service Item

  • Concept & Creative
  • Research & Script – English
  • Equipment – Full HD
  • Filming – 3 days
  • Editing & Colouring
  • Visual Effect (VFX)
  • 2D Motion / Info Graphic
  • 3D Animation
  • Licensed Background Music
  • Licensed Sound Effects
  • Subtitle – English
  • Output – Full HD

Production Team

  • Creative Director x 1
  • Storyboard Artist x 1
  • Script Copywriter x 1
  • Video Director x 1
  • Cameraman x 1
  • Lighting Gaffer x 1
  • Boom Operator x 1
  • Assistant x 1
  • Video Editor x 1
  • VFX Supervisor x 1
  • Motion Graphic Designer x 1
  • Colorist x 1

Project Details