Professionalism Through Focus

Promotional Video

All types of businesses require effective publicity and promotion. It is prevalent to promote businesses with videos. A vivid, attractive and effective video is certainly the best option for business promotion and development. We have the most professional production team to create the most effective promotional videos for you.


Vivid and interesting animations may better captivate the audience. Animations can clearly present abstract ideas and concepts. We have excellent illustrators and animators. The illustrators use brushes to recount stories to clients. From designing characters, to setting the scenes, and then to colouring, every step must be taken ingeniously. After that, the animators will bring the animations to life with realistic movement.

Corporate Video

Every company should have a video, showcasing the best side of its company’s image, which can further improve its reputation. The ultimate goal of having such a video is to promote the positive image and unique culture of the company. It does not only require exquisite visual elements and lively content, but also needs a unified image about the company and its products across all social media platforms. This type of promotion videos is characterized by a low investment, a focused group of audience and flexible locations for playing the video.

TV Commercial

TV commercials can be a powerful marketing tool for companies. Television is a mass medium that reaches millions of viewers. By airing a TV commercial, a company can expose its brand and products to a large and diverse audience, including potential customers who may not be actively seeking information about the company.

Live Webcast

Important moments such as result conference, opening ceremony, new product launch, audience looks for real-time information in the ever-changing world. Internet connects the world and people. By live webcast through internet your products and service online seizes all business opportunities. Audience looks for real-time information in the ever-changing world.

Construction Video

With over 18 years of experience in producing construction engineering videos, we have already completed over 20+ government-funded engineering projects. Our production house is a contractor which is well-recognized by the HKSAR government for producing construction engineering videos for large-scale infrastructure construction projects.
We have the most knowledgeable production team to create the best construction video for you.

Training Video

Many companies have begun to use videos to train frontline employees. Training videos can standardize training content. They are low-cost, efficient, flexible, interesting, and accurate.
We have the most professional production team to create the most effective teaching and training videos for you. Global companies spend tens of millions on employee training every year, because employees are an important asset of every company. Excellent employees can provide the company with the highest returns. Better employees equal better companies, so employees have always been Training is an important part of business operations.

Online Video Streaming

Internet connects the world and people. Online streaming your products and service online seizes all business opportunities. It has become increasingly popular over the years, revolutionizing the way people consume video content.

Event & Ceremony Video Shooting

Important moments such as result conference, opening ceremony, new product launch.
Excellent shots, professional angles and detailed presentation.
Edited by experienced video editor.

Interview Video

Unique perspective and opinion in multi-angle build up audience’s confidence.
Providing useful and relevant information is the basis for choosing the right product and service.
Bring forwards all essential information through the lenses.

Video Editing

Sometimes clients just request to edit and process existing videos No problem we can also provide this type of service.
High-quality video editing involves several key aspects, such as:
1. Clear storytelling
2. Appropriate rhythm
3. Visual coherence
4. Audio quality
5. Attention to detail
6. Effective use effect
7. Know your target audience
8. Continuity and flow

Video Production Procedures

Rigorous procedures ensure outstanding work on time, on budget.

Behind every video production, different professionals must carry out multiple complex and rigorous processes to turn an idea and concept into a final high-quality finished video or animation. Each one is indispensable. Now let us explain it to you one by one:

Stage 1

Concept Development

We work closely with you to understand your vision and objectives for the video. Our team of experienced professionals will help you develop creative concepts and ideas that align with your goals.

Stage 2


The pre-production phrase is a crucial part as it determines the style, content, filming techniques and quality of the final product, which is the video. Without adequate preparation, it is impossible to shoot a high-quality video. In some less reputable production houses, the worst-case scenario is that the videos can be unfinished or go over budget, which adversely affect the clients’ entire marketing campaigns.

Our pre-production phrase includes:

  • Having meetings between the production team and the client
  • Developing a work schedule
  • Writing the outline for the video
  • Writing the script for the video
  • Making the storyboard / visual board
  • Hiring actors and renting venues
  • Developing a shooting schedule

Stage 3

Video Shooting

Video shooting is the process of actualizing the storyline into video content. A professional production team should include the director, videographer, lighting technician, boom operator and production assistant. Larger teams may also include the art director, makeup artist, and hair and wardrobe stylist. 

Our video shooting phrase includes:

  • The director organizing shooting and designing camera work
  • The director explaining the key points to actors or street interviews
  • The assistant director managing the environment and clearing the locations for filming
  • The videographer setting up the camera and shooting in accordance with the storyboard
  • The boom operator setting up the recording equipment for the actors or street interviewees
  • The lighting technician interpreting lighting plots and schematics, and seting up the lighting systems

Stage 4


At the editing and post-production phrase, professional video editors play an important role. They are responsible to use the storyboard as a foundation and make selections of the raw video footage to produce the “first cut”, which will then be confirmed by the client. In the meantime, specialists in the post-production department start fine-tuning colours to improve the video content, adding special effects, producing 2D or 3D animations, dubbing, assembling background music, subtitling, etc. Typically, clients are welcome to give comments during the editing and post-production phrase, in order to finalize and perfect the whole production project.

Our editing and post-production phrase includes:

  • Editing video
  • Fine-tuning colours to improve the video content
  • Adding special effects
  • Producing 2D and/or 3D animations
  • Assembling background music and sound effects
  • Dubbing and lip-syncing
  • Subtitling
  • Outputting the video in compliance with the client’s designated formats

Stage 5

Output & Delivery

Output the videos in compliance with the client’s designated formats. We would also provide professional advice to assist the client how to upload to the designate platforms.